WSJ Looks at Apple’s ConnectED Commitment in Arizona Schools

APPLES TO PUPILS: Apple’s attempt to bring iPads to Los Angeles students flopped. But elsewhere, these efforts are generating more positive press. The Wall Street Journal looks at Apple’s efforts in Yuma, AZ, where eight schools are among the 114 across the country that are getting iPads for every student and teacher, along with an Apple TV for every classroom. (These contributions are part of Apple’s commitment to a federal call in Oct. 2014 to provide technology supports in schools.

According to the report, the company sends employees—all former teachers—to each ConnectED school for 17 days a year to help with training. Certain obstacles, however, are beyond their control, including the lack of Internet connectivity at students’ homes. Some teachers also worry their districts, which serve low-income households, won’t be able to fund iPads after Apple’s three-year commitment is over.

Money quote comes from Trina Siegfried, who helped write the grant for the Yuma elementary school: “If someone came to me and said you can drive this beautiful new car, but it’s only for three years, I’m still going to take that car.”

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