USA Funds and Gallup to Research the Student Experience

LET THE KIDS TALK: Yesterday, during the ASU GSV Summit, USA Funds and Gallup announced a collaborative research initiative to elevate student voice in higher education, encouraging degree attainment that leads to a rewarding career and life. They call their project ‘Completion With a Purpose.’ They will poll a large, nationally representative collection of prospective, current and recent students, asking about higher education aspirations and outcomes. The research will provide guidance for prospective students, information for policymakers, and direction for educators looking to understand student experiences.

Bill Hansen, USA Funds president and CEO, explained the motive behind the research on the ‘Completion With a Purpose’ blog: “While higher education administrators and faculty members, association heads and public policy experts, legislators and other government officials, and sometimes even employer representatives have a place at the table, the voice of the ultimate consumer of higher education—students and graduates—often is muted, if heard at all … listening to the voice of the consumer is as important in higher education as it is in every other endeavor.”

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