We Asked Experts How Adaptive Learning Works in Business, Classrooms and Districts

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The term on everyone's lips these days is “adaptive learning:" Proponents promise the technology has the ability to improve educational experiences in personal, efficient and scalable ways. It's unclear, though, what the inner workings of the technology look like. We called some of our expert friends and asked them to talk about how adaptive learning works in their fields, and they spoke at our recent meetup in San Francisco. We heard from EdSurge's president Tyler McNally about our recent research on adaptive learning and several others:

  • Jennie Dougherty—Associate Director of Innovation, KIPP Bay Area
  • Angela Estrella—Teacher, Instructional Coach and Parent
  • James Harrell—Talent Development Manager, Oakland Unified School District
  • Johann Larusson—Lead, Center for Digital Data, Analytics and Adaptive Learning, Pearson
  • Elena Sanina—Senior Manager of Blended Learning, Aspire Public Schools
  • Esther Tricoche—Associate Partner, New School Venture Fund

Missed the meetup? Not to worry. We recorded the talks along with the news from this week so you can catch up on both.

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