S'Cool Tools of the Week: Guess the Correlation, Rewordify, Limnu

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S'Cool Tools of the Week: Guess the Correlation, Rewordify, Limnu

Feb 7, 2016

TOO COOL (PERFECT FOR SCHOOL): We've got our favorite edtech teacher and administrator tools for the week right here, as highlighted in our Instruct newsletter. By the way--got a favorite S’Cool Tool you like to use? We would love to hear and share your recommendations! If you’ve got a tool that makes you or your students sing from the proverbial mountaintops, fill out this form to let us know. It might just get featured! Note: If we have not appended a privacy flag to a tool’s description, it does not collect personally identifiable information.

FREE!—Guess the CorrelationThe EdSurge team had some great fun with this last week—and we think math and economics teachers will, too. This old-school tool has all the flair of a Nintendo game and the simplicity of a Geocities website, yet it’s a fun way for students to see whether they can accurately predict correlations between two variables in a scatter plot. The site also has a two-player option, and—fun fact—it was created by a PhD student at the University of Cambridge.

FREE!—RewordifyHat tip to language arts blogger Caitlin Tucker for pointing us in this direction. Rewordify is a tool that teachers can use to differentiate reading text for readers of all levels. The site is also useful for learning new vocabulary words or checking out a collection of classic literature and public documents that have already been reworded more simply. Privacy Flag: Rewordify.com requires no personal information, but students must be 13 or older to register. Student accounts are anonymous, but if parents or teachers request a child’s account information, they may ask the company to review it, delete it, and/or refuse to allow any further collection or use of the information.

FREEMIUM!—LimnuThis free tool offers you a place to work collaboratively with students on an online whiteboard. Draw, type, attach images, and chat with collaborators while giving them feedback on their board work. Users get three boards for free, but which expire after 7 days (However it doesn’t limit how many students you can invite to work with you!) For $8/month, the user gets “Forever Boards” that never expire, and an unlimited number of boards. For group collaboration Forever Boards, check out group pricing. Privacy Flag: Limnu may collect information about users directly and from third parties, as well as automatically through use of Limnu. Read more here.

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