S'Cool Tools of the Week: Musictheory.net, Gojimo, We Are Teachers

TOO COOL (PERFECT FOR SCHOOL): We've got our favorite edtech teacher and administrator tools for the week right here, as highlighted in our Instruct newsletter. By the way--got a favorite S’Cool Tool you like to use? We would love to hear and share your recommendations! If you’ve got a tool that makes you or your students sing from the proverbial mountaintops,fill out this form to let us know. It might just get featured! Note: If we have not appended a privacy flag to a tool’s description, it does not collect personally identifiable information.

FREE!Musictheory.net—A suite of ways to learn the nuts, bolts and notations of music through lessons, exercises and tools. Musictheory.net offers lessons on topics ranging from rest duration to an analysis of the Moonlight sonata and exercises to match. There are tools within the website as well including chord calculators, ear trainers, staff paper writer and an exercise maker.

FREEMIUMGojimo—A test prep app (for iOS and Android) that offers in-app purchases for the materials for different tests. Prices range from $3.99 to $9.99. Gojimo offers test prep curricula for AP, SAT, ACT and a number of international exams including IB. The app works by allowing students to select their tests and subtopics within the test then takes them through multiple choice questions. If a student answers incorrectly, Gojimo provides an explanation. Students can track their progress and average scores on the tests. Privacy flag: Gojimo collects personal information when you register either on the app or through a social network, which it may share with third parties. If users are under 13, the app requires the email address of a parent or guardian.

FREE!We Are Teachers—Lots of free, printable lessons, PD resources, decorations, lists and blog posts, along with info on grants and contests. Subjects range from financial literacy to social emotional learning. (And for more “marketplaces” of free and paid teacher materials, check out this collection of resources.)

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