EdSurge Extra: An Interview With Samaira Mehta, the 8-Year-Old Creator of Coderbunnyz

Courtesy of Rakesh Mehta

Last week, we interviewed Beth Box, who wanted to reinvigorate waning student interest and boost her students' scores on state tests. This week, we wanted to continue the conversation about educational gams with another maker: An 8-year-old student.

Samaira Mehta lives in Mountain View, California, where she goes to school and teaches workshops in coding. She's the creator of the board game Coderbunnyz, which teaches young kids about algorithms as they guide a rabbit down a path and around obstacles.

Samaira made the game after spending a great night playing board games with her parents. They didn't want to play any more because she kept winning (or so she says), so she went to do some coding. She got to do her two favorite things in one night, and she wanted to share that excitement with other kids, especially her younger brother. He's four.

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