Where Do the World's Highest-Paid Teachers Live?

SHOW ME THE MONEY The world's most well paid teachers live in Luxembourg, and it turns out they're the highest-paid by a large margin. Teachers in the tiny European nation start their careers at $79,000, a salary most other teachers aspire to at the zeniths of their careers, and may end at almost $140,000. Using data from the OECD's report "Education at a Glance 2015: OECD Indicators," Chalk.com's Tom Ostapchuk has created graphical comparisons of teacher pay across nations. The lowest? Estonia, where teachers max their salaries out at just $17,000 per year.

Source: Tom Ostapchuk

Ostapchuk also compared teacher work hours with their salaries as an approximation of hourly wages, which he has represented below. Luxembourg wins again, but Colombia and Chile also show striking imbalances hours worked and compensation.

Source: Tom Ostapchuk

It is important to note that the salaries represented above do not include bonuses, vacation pay or sick-leave pay, which may vary across countries and school systems.

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