Star Wars and Digital Citizenship: Why Podcasters Are Forecasting These Two Classroom Themes

Alice Barton

There’s no question that the best part of hosting a podcast is speaking with the fascinating guests we have on the show. From newly minted edtech billionaires to students and teachers, podcasters get the chance to hear from people all over the country. So this week, we decided to go super meta, and spoke with three of those edu-podcasters: Jeff Bradbury of "Teachercast," Jason Bodnar of "Principally Speaking," and Chris Nesi of "The House of #Edtech." We asked them what they’re hearing from their guests, and what they think will be the big trends of the upcoming school year. Check out their answers in this week's EdSurge On Air podcast. Let us know if you agree--and who else you want to hear on your friendly, neighborhood podcast!  

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