Camfed and Worldreader Partner to Bring 125,000 eBooks to Disadvantaged Girls

BRINGING BOOKS TO THE RIGHT PLACE: International nonprofits Camfed and Worldreader will partner to provide eBooks to female students in sub-Saharan Africa. Camfed helps girls and women access education in some of the poorest communities in sub-Saharan Africa; Worldreader uses mobile tech, including eReaders, to supply books to disadvantaged parts of the world. Through the partnership, Camfed alumni will bring 50 eReaders, each programmed with 100 books, to each of 25 schools.

At Forbes, Jordan Shapiro posits that edtech’s most significant impact comes from thoughtful, small implementations with community buy-in like the Camfed-Worldreader partnership, rather than the apps and tools often discussed and featured in US classrooms.

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