Gartner: 72% of Google Chromebooks Sold in 2014 Went to Education

A CLASS OF CHROME: The education market made up 72 percent of global Chromebook sales in 2014, according to technology market research group, Gartner. Education is clearly a winner for Google's Chromebooks, comprising over 60 percent of its US sales and rising to 69 and 72 percent, respectively, of sales in the Asia/Pacifc and Europe/Middle East/Africa regions. Gartner predicts that "worldwide Chromebook sales to end users is on pace to reach 7.3 million units in 2015, a 27 percent increase from 2014," and close to 8 million the following year.

Source: Gartner

The North America market makes up 84 percent of overall Chromebook sales, but Google is trying to penetrate other regions with the recent launch of $149 Chromebooks from Chinese manufacturers, Haier and HiSense.

Source: Gartner
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