Amazon Updates Whispercast, Used in Over Half of the Biggest US K-12 Districts

AMAZON WHISPERS: Claiming users in more than half of the 250 largest US K-12 districts, and over 2,400 higher-ed institutions, Amazon's Whispercast tool is no longer a whimper in the education market. The latest updates in Version 3.0, announced today, offers educators greater content control features and the ability to use credit cards to buy digital content from the Kindle Store, which boasts 3 million titles, and the Amazon App Store , with more than 400,000 apps.

To woo more users, Amazon is also offering free tech support, dubbed "Digital Transition Services," to help schools implement Whispercast, which runs on any device that can run the free Kindle reading app. Rohit Agarwal, general manager of Amazon Education, tells Frank Catalano in GeekWire: “We want to be the provider of the right content, for every device, as students need it.”

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