A Love Letter to Mathbreakers


Editor’s Note: We asked Brady Fukumoto, a former game designer and now an engineer at EdSurge, to review Mathbreakers.

He loved it so much, he wrote a sonnet.

Ode to Mathbreakers

An education game beyond reproach,

Is rare, like a Black Lotus in full bloom.

And math mechanics with a fresh approach,

Are more uncommon than one might presume.

Come if you seek mathematical intrigue;

An interactive worksheet, this is not.

Experience engagement, not fatigue,

And learn by playing, not by being taught.

Perfection, as a goal, remains elusive:

The price is high, and yes, the team is young.

The Common Core affair is inconclusive,

Yet still, despite these truths, my heart is sprung,

For words forsworn on joy do not belie,

So hear me now: you must give this a try.

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