How Many People Applied for the Digital Innovation in Learning Awards?

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How Many People Applied for the Digital Innovation in Learning Awards?

Oct 7, 2014

CELEBRATING THE NUMBERS: It's going to be a busy October for our Digital Innovation in Learning Awards judges. The first annual DILAs, cohosted by EdSurge and Digital Promise, wrapped last week on October 1, when applicants sent in their final videos, descriptions, and prayers for a victorious outcome. Curious as to just how many applications were received? In total, 1,506 educators, administrators, and edtech organizations applied or were nominated for our 15 awards. Out of that group, 551 sent in full submissions, with videos that included everything from raps to demos, and even an edtech zombie apocalypse. Yes, you read that correctly.

Teachers, you excelled this year with total nominations/applications (616) and full submissions (213). Edtech organizations were on par with 568 nominations/applications and 220 full submissions, and administrators came in third with 322 nominations/applications and 118 full submissions.

It's easy to tell what's on edtech organization minds this year after tracking the DILA submissions, as both "Better Together" and "Mindful Data" received a combined total of 57% of organization submissions.

But for administrators and educators, our two trailblazing categories ("Teacher Trailblazer" and "Administrator Trailblazer") were by far the most popular amongst the respective awards.

We're excited to spread the impact of the DILAs and share videos from winners so as to proliferate their work and provide you with a solid, media-rich collection of best practices. We'll be announcing winners in late October--keep checking back until then, and get your tickets today for the official Digital Innovation in Learning Awards Gala!

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