​Measure Water or Sugar Content of Your Snack with SCiO

FUTURISTIC NUTRITION: Scan two plants on a field trip and find out which would attract more sugar-loving hummingbirds. Scan a pill and observe firsthand how chemical composition determines how a medicine is effective. With SCiO, a handheld sensor, this is all made possible with a click. The tool raised $2.3 $2.8 million on Kickstarter (far surpassing its goal of $200,000), and will be released later this summer. SCiO will be a game-changer not only for chemistry and nutrition teachers, but for all of us curious about what makes up the world around us. Watch the video--we promise you’ll be as excited as we are. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: An earlier version of this post said that SCiO could identify allergens. That has since been removed.

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