Ulu Ventures Founder, Miriam Rivera Joins Minerva Project

FAMILY SMARTS: Miriam Rivera has been a bit of everything, but always smart: One of Google’s first lawyers, she launched her own VC firm, Ulu Ventures, that invested in edtech and helped start Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs. She has a boatload of degrees (yes, from Stanford), including law, business and sociology. How does she like to describe herself? “I’m an inner city, Spanish-speaking, low-income, free-lunch, first-in-her-family to college girl,” says Rivera. Now she’s stepping up to be chief operating officer of startup school, Minerva Project. Her husband is no slouch, either: Clint Korver is currently COO of NovoEd. (Guess that means their kids have no excuse for not getting their homework in.)

Editor's note: An earlier version of this note gave Korver a promotion; he may deserve it but in the interest of accuracy and harmony in the Rivera-Korver household, please note that he, too, is a COO. 

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