Vocabulary.com App and Biblionasium Provide ELA Twist on Tools

GAME ON: Take the best of existing tools, and give them an educational twist. That's what these two language arts-themed apps have done! First up, games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush are incredibly popular, so why not put their design to good (educational) use? In comes the Vocabulary.com app, an adaptive game that helps students improve their vocabulary with competitive design elements. We’re talking levels, progress bars, achievement bonuses and more.

Then, take Twitter, add literacy, and you’ve got Biblionasium. This free social network provides a space for kids to talk about their favorite books, log their reading hours, build a virtual bookshelf and more. Educators also get in on the fun with the ability to track, manage, and recommend student book lists. We also recommend this solid tool for tracking summer reading!

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