Teach for America Adds Teacher Prep Year for College Seniors

NOT JUST A FIVE-WEEK FIX: Teach for America is no stranger to criticism, specifically when it comes to the organization's five-week summer training program (called "Institute") for incoming corps members. But TFA's leadership appears to have been listening to those "poor teaching training" call-outs. During her SXSWedu keynote last week, former CEO Wendy Kopp referenced Teach for America's plans to provide a year of training for a subset of its newest college recruits. This news had been previously announced in the week by current TFA co-CEO Matt Kramer during a "What's Next for TFA" address in Nashville, TN.

In his address, Kramer explains that TFA will run a pilot to test the senior training waters. The pilot will target 2,000 college juniors applying for TFA's 2015 corps. A small percentage of that group will receive a year of training with classes in pedagogy, cultural competency, and classroom topics like management. More info here.

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