LearnLaunchX Announces Winter 2014 Cohort

HEAR YE, HEAR YE: Boston-based edtech accelerator LearnLaunchX today announced its newest cohort. Seven early-stage companies will take part in the accelerator during winter of 2014. Jean Hammond, a LearnLaunchX partner, explains that LearnLaunchX will help companies to get to the point "where they have validated their business models and become attractive prospects for investors.” The chosen companies are:

  • Book&Tablea marketplace for people to create, discover, and purchase personalized courses.
  • Campuscenea college search platform that serves both applicants and admissions offices.
  • CueThinkcreator of Quantum, a game-based peer-to-peer learning platform for math problem-solving.
  • Hstrya digital learning tool that enables teachers, students and historians to construct interactive historical timelines for the digital classroom.
  • QuadWranglea software platform for alumni engagement.
  • Skafflcreator of Braket, a teaching and learning platform for one-to-one K-12 classrooms.
  • uConnecta campus recruiting platform that suppports colleges and universities in providing career services to their students.
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