California Regulators: Hacker Schools Must Pay to Play

DO YOU ACCEPT BITCOIN? California's Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) is showing a little Big Brother-ly love to local hacker academies which they believe to be operating as unlicensed trade schools. VentureBeat reports that Hackbright Academy, Hack Reactor, App Academy, and Zipfian Academy have all received cease and desist letters from the state regulatory agency, and face a $50K fine for non-compliance. All signs currently point to a friendly resolution between BPPE and the non-compliant parties, if for no other reason than to keep the bureau coffers full. According to BPPE's 2013 Sunset Report: "The majority of the Bureau’s revenue comes from a 0.75% assessment on an institution’s annual revenue, up to $25,000, from students in California."

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