Word Dynamo and Text Compactor Add Fuel to a Reading Teacher's Fire

DID I READ THAT RIGHT?: The edtech blog-scape was a flurry with ELA tools this week. Richard Byrne gave one free vocab tool a shoutout on Tuesday, and given our affinity for words, we’re following suit. Word Dynamo is a supercalifragilistic vocab review site that students can use inside and outside of the classroom. Students choose exercises based on grade level, subject, or applicable standardized test. But the features don’t stop there. Read more in Byrne’s review.

Next up, trying to help students (or yourself) process large chunks of non-fiction text? That’s right, reading teachers--we’re looking at you. Text Compactor allows you to shrink text blocks down and experiment with the size you need with a handy slider bar. It even links to a text-to-speech and a language translation tool.

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