InBloom "Sputters" at the Center of Cloud Data Controversy

CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF INBLOOM: As K-12 cloud computing technologies become more common, so do privacy concerns. This week, EdWeek recaps a Fordham study that identifies “serious lapses pertaining to control of private student information under contracts with private companies storing data in the cloud.” Here’s the full study. At center of the brouhaha is nonprofit data synthesizer, InBloom, which according to EdWeek, has “sputtered.” New York is the sole state still partnering with inBloom; six of the original nine partners have dissolved ties with the program. (Louisiana and some Illinois districts are still deliberating.) 

UPDATECapitol New York reports that the New York DOE will wait until at least April to upload student data to the inBloom database, as a result of technical difficulties.

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