The EdSurge Staff: "2014 Will Be the Year of Data"

The EdSurge Staff: "2014 Will Be the Year of Data"

Over the past few weeks, we've gathered a slew of 2014 Outlooks representing individuals from across the education and edtech spectrum. But now, it's time to put our money where our mouth is. 

The EdSurge office contains its own microcosm of the edtech world, with resident programmers, teachers, business aficionados, writers, editors, entrepreneurs, and more. Thus, we present you with a collection of Outlooks--predictions, observations from 2013, and advice for budding edtech-ers--from members of the EdSurge staff. 

Interested in getting a sample? Here's Associate Editor Christina Quattrochi's prediction for teachers in 2014:

"Two years in the classroom? Not gonna cut it. We need tools that are about developing teachers into more mature experts in their field. Solving the problems of the first-year teacher, second-year teacher--going to be important, but it's not going to drive it home in 2014. 2014 you have to take your 'teacherpreneurs,' you have to take your tools to the next level."

Interviewees include Tony Wan, Nick Punt, Betsy Corcoran, Christina Quattrocchi, Shu Uesugi, Tyler McNally, Mary Jo Madda, Gordon Dean, and Joan Young. Check it out below!

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