TinkerED and My Worksheets Take First at Startup Weekend EDU

WORKING FOR THE WEEKEND: This past weekend, San Francisco's Startup Weekend EDU brought together 108 hackers, educators, and "hustlers" (the SWEDU term for biz/ops experts) to ideate and formulate solutions for issues in the education space. At the end of the 54-hour whirlwind weekend, TinkerED took home SWEDU's first prize. TinkerED, a feedback mechanism platform bringing together edtech entrepreneurs and teachers, was lauded by the judges for "really solving a problem for the entire ecosystem" and "empowering educators."

Further up north at SWEDU Seattle, first place was given to MyWorksheets, which converts paper lessons into digital iPad versions quickly using a drag and drop interface. According to judge Kishari Sing, a common judge comment was that the platform "had an easy UX for the tech challenged/time challenged teachers."

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