BULLETIN: Can Chrome OS and Windows Hardware Get Along?

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BULLETIN: Can Chrome OS and Windows Hardware Get Along?

A Director of Blended Learning comes to the educator community for advice

By Mary Jo Madda (Columnist)     Nov 13, 2013

BULLETIN: Can Chrome OS and Windows Hardware Get Along?

Being a Director of Blended Learning is not always the easiest job, as we learned from one educator this week.

While checking our feedback@edsurge.com mailbox, we stumbled upon an e-mail from Brandon Phenix, a Director of Blended Learning with the ReNEW charter school system in New Orleans.

In this e-mail, Phenix asks the EdSurge team (and anyone in our immediate circle) for advice on a problem. He poses an interesting question related to running Chrome OS on Windows hardware, and in the spirit of open forums, we're appealing to you (the educator and entrepreneur community) to help him out!

Comment below on this article and give Phenix your honest feedback! Here's his appeal:

When I came on as the Director of Blended Learning for ReNEW Schools this September, the CMO had already purchased a significant number of Dell laptops and Lenovo desktops to support our blended learning implementation. I've been espousing the power of Chromebooks over the past few months, and everyone is on board. The only problem: It's going to take a few years until our purchasing cycle can replace all of the Windows machines with Chromebooks. And I don't want to wait that long.

So here's what I'm trying to do: I'm trying to get Chrome OS to run on a Windows machine. Our IT team is pretty awesome, but they couldn't get it to work.
I've been doing some research about different Chromium builds and dual-booting machines; I'm confident there's a solution, and I want to make it happen. It would be a huge boost for a number of schools--re-purposing old hardware with the benefit of the Chrome OS simplicity and backend controls. If we can crack this nut, I want to blow out the solution to all of my Blended Learning brethren. Here are my questions:

1. Ever heard of anyone trying this before?

2. Know of anyone I should contact for help?

3. Am I crazy?

Got an answer? Post your response below!

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