Can Cell Phones Work in Class?

DON'T FORGET THE "L" WORD: Maureen Downey follows the trials of one teacher dealing with his school's recent conversion to a BYLD ("Bring Your Own Learning Device") friendly campus in her latest post on Get Schools.

The anonymous 20-year teaching veteran from a 2,000-student high school in Georgia laments that the move felt more like a surrender to the inevitable than a conscious decision by administration. And the change may mark a slippery slope of disregard for policy, as "there were still fights, gross stuff in the bathrooms, pranks at the end of the year. I noticed also that our staff became quite lenient with the dress code. I wondered if our administrators had simply had enough of dealing with 'minor' discipline issues."

Educators and developers, what do you think? Have you seen BYLD/BYOD work at a school? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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