A Wiki on Succeeding Without Venture Capital

JUST SAY NO: The Wikispaces team has done some extraordinary things with extraordinarily few resources. At a launch event for Wikispaces Classroom, company co-founder Adam Frey said they've taken no venture funding in the company's 8 year history and focused solely on grassroots growth. The road was bumpy at times: they once spent $29,000 on traditional marketing and received zero returns. So instead, they've been getting things done with a dogged tenacity. The small team--now ten members strong--has hand-written over 400,000 personal to emails to users. (That's an average of 200 per business day!)

Frey emphasized that the company was not about "disrupting the market" or "transforming education"--they simply want to help teachers and students.

Co-founders Frey and James Byers previously showed us How to Succeed in Education Technology.

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