John Danner's Three-Part Take on the Future of Learning

I DREAMED A DREAM: Rocketship co-founder and former CEO John Danner's hush-hush edtech startup has a name--Zeal--though he's still mum on details. But his recent blog post offers a peek at his grander vision. Danner's steadfast in the belief that web-based tools will ultimately handle nearly all knowledge dissemination, as "anything that requires personalized attention and infinite patience...will ultimately go online." Physical schools will be where kids learn to interact with others and teachers on applying that knowledge to get things done. "Your career and your life is less shaped by the specific things you know (beyond what you learn k-5) and more by how well you adapt to a rapidly changing world," he writes. "So knowing less and being able to think and do more is going to serve you well."

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