How Are Colleges Preparing for the Common Core?

(UN)COMMON CORE? Depending on who you ask, K-12 educators are either stoked or apprehensive about Common Core. But what about postsecondary educators, who, after all, are on the receiving end of students who are supposed to "ready?" According to InsideHigherEd, "rudimentary knowledge among those in higher education can be spotty." The piece raises several provoking questions: are colleges in agreement on what it means for a student to be ready? What kinds of colleges are they supposed to be ready for? These tricky questions carry implications not only for placement tests and remedial and "101" classes, but also for the relationship between K-12 and higher-ed at a deeper level. "If colleges have reasons to doubt that standards are truly at college level, the trust between K-12 and higher education on which the entire initiative rests could easily erode."

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