Why Teaching May Not Be Good For You

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Why Teaching May Not Be Good For You

Apr 9, 2013

NOT SO FAST: Don't get your lesson plans in a bunch but it appears that teaching may not be the best career for a person's well-being. Just two weeks after Gallup researchers found that teachers trail only physicians in their feeling of overall well-being, a Forbes list counters that teachers are actually among the unhappiest professionals.

The Forbes list, powered by CareerBliss, is a bit more formulaic in its approach, taking into account work-life balance, workplace relationships, job resources, compensation and other factors to determine job happiness. Gallup opts for a more human-centered view, asking professionals fuzzier questions like how often they get to "use their strengths and do what they do best every day" and whether or not they "smiled or laughed a lot yesterday."

We opt for a more relative approach: put a diverse group of happy professionals in a room and a teacher will likely be the happiest of them all!

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