Why You Should Build an Edtech Tool Belt

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Why You Should Build an Edtech Tool Belt

Apr 3, 2013

AN EDTECH TOOLBELT: Thoughful kickoff keynote address presented at the annual CUE conference by Sonoma, Calif., high school English teacher, Catlin Tucker (or @CTuckerEnglish). (Here's her blog with a summary of the talk.) She points out that teachers have had varying experiences with Learning Management Systems (LMS). She sees them as the equivalent of a big backpack or toolbelt--something on which you can hang other applications or tools, but not an end in-and-of itself. Trying out a lot of tools is important she argues (and still won't compete with the number of apps most students have on their smart phones!) We like the distinction she makes, too, between technical literacy and technical fluency: Just about every student can figure out how to use a tool. But only "fluent" students "know when to use a tool to achieve a desired outcome, and why that tool is the best tool to get a particular job done."

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