Beta Tool: NuSkool Pairs Lesson Planning with Pop Culture

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Beta Tool: NuSkool Pairs Lesson Planning with Pop Culture

Apr 2, 2013

BETA NUSKOOL provides 100s of culturally-relevant lesson templates organized by grade level, subject, and pop culture genres (i.e. music, television, film, video games). Each lesson template includes a media artifact (mostly YouTube videos), description of the lesson, procedural tips, and possible assessment questions. Educators still seeking general lesson plan guidance may find the templates a bit sparse, but those looking for new ways to "hook" students should find the pop culture linkages very helpful. Take for example this analysis of Kendrick Lamar's song, "Poetic Justice" which introduces literary devices through the mega-rapper's lyrics. At 22 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 (currently #35), the song has likely been committed to memory by more than a few students. Co-founder Abron Maldanado tells EdSurge that NuSkool is actively seeking curriculum partners to further diversify content. NuSkool is an alpha cohort member in Socratic Labs, a recently formed edtech incubator in NYC.

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