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Socratic Labs
A New York City-based accelerator devoted to education technology.

Socratic Labs, formally kicked off in February 2013, aims to support education technology startups through curriculum, mentorships, a collection of startup services (such as free legal advice) and networking. It aims to invest in 20 startups over the course of the year, contributing between $15K and $25K apiece in those businesses (in exchange for equity).

Socratic Labs launched its first "alpha" cohort of six companies in June 2013 after a four-month incubation period. The "graduating" companies were:

  • Careerosity
  • NuSkool
  • PenPal News
  • Student Loan Hero
  • Teachley
  • Unbound Concepts

Funding for the incubator came from New York's Blue Ridge Foundation and Expansion Venture Capital. 

The program planned to recruit its second cohort in late 2014.

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