School Tool: TotSplash Turns Mind Maps into Interactive Presentations

Freemium TOTSPLASH is a web-based, mind-mapping tool that allows users to present map nodes in an animated Prezi-like fashion. (Whew. That's a mouthful!) Each node in the map -- branded as a "tot" -- may contain a headline, description, and image. Once all parent-child relationships have been established between nodes, the "Splash" feature allows users to zoom and pan throughout the tot. Left-to-right motions indicate movement from a parent to child, while up-and-down motions indicate movement between children under the same parent. Even though the animation options come off a bit gimmicky, TotSplash seems well-suited for demonstrating problem-solving approaches or organizing brainstorms. With the addition of a revision history and more embedding options (video, most notably), it could become a great tool for fully capturing student's critical thinking process. Maintaining a single tot is free while $6/mo gets you unlimited tots and 100MB of storage space. Education pricing is available for classrooms, schools and districts.

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