School Device Rollouts Generate More Questions

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School Device Rollouts Generate More Questions

Mar 28, 2013

BYOD VS 1-TO-1: Just as Edudemic's Jeff Dunn reveals that at least one student isn't too thrilled with their school's 1:1 iPad program, New Milford High School Principal, Eric Sheninger, is experiencing a change of heart in the 1:1 vs. BYOD debate.

Originally a fan of 1:1 device implementations for their ability to provide "equitable access to all students regardless of socioeconomic status" and reduce the "headache for the IT department," Sheninger is no longer sure such benefits outweigh the cons of homogenous devices:

"I am beginning to think that 1:1 programs are not necessarily the best option for our students. My main reason for this shift in thought is why would we want to pigeonhole our students to one single device and/or platform? Is that reminiscent of the real world that we are supposedly preparing them to flourish and succeed in? The fact is many students own and are comfortable with their devices."

We're guessing Dunn's anonymous commentator (names removed for privacy reasons) is exactly the type of student that Sheninger is fearful of alienating. In many ways, it's an ironic and sad role reversal-- where adults might normally feel estranged by the younger generation's quick technology adoption habits, it appears an ill-planned technology rollout (BYOD or 1:1) can similarly alienate students.

JD Ferries-Rowe aka the Jesuit School CIO adds in the comments that "once you get over a “shiny-pretty solution to all educational ills” mindset, then there is still a serious discussion about use-case in the classroom." His own BYOT chronicles can be found here.

Which technology path do you feel is the best way forward? What successes and failures have you experienced with your school's technology implementation?

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