School Tool: Zero Footprint Youth Calculator Raises Carbon Dioxide Awareness

Free! ZERO FOOTPRINT YOUTH CALCULATOR guides students through a set of 29 questions exploring home life and travel habits to produce an individual carbon footprint score. Many of the questions are accompanied by eco-interventions where students can pledge to increase energy-saving habits like turning off the lights, composting, and using public transportation. The score itself, measured in "Carbon Earths" is hardly scientific considering carbon footprints are normally measured in carbon dioxide equivalents. But iEARN, the organization behind the calculator, seems more intent on raising awareness and critical thought than deep-diving into the carbon cycle. A counter in the upper right-hand corner shows the total amount of carbon dioxide students have pledged to reduce through lifestyle changes, and students may compare their footprints to others by school, age, gender, or country (all required inputs at signup).

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