Beta Tool: Brainy Box Brings Six Sides to Presentations

BETA BRAINY BOX is a novel platform created by ClassTools for creating, sharing, and presenting information from web and digital resources. Each Brainy Box is actually a six-sided HTML page with the ability to embed text, audio, images, and video on each side. Once one or more sides are filled with content, users may share or embed the HTML creation, allowing others to shuffle through the rotating cube to consume information. The creators suggest using Brainy Box as a biography tool (one image and five interesting facts), a summary tool (two images, two videos, and two text blurbs on a given topic), or a timeline. As to be expected with a beta, the interface looks a bit dated and hacked together -- something to be weighed against ease of use, share-ability, and straightforward implementation (no signup required) before introducing in the classroom.

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