Seattle Parents, Teachers Defy Superintendent on MAP Exam

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: In the eyes of the administrators of the Seattle Public Schools, teachers just aren't necessary when it comes to delivering standardized tests. Nearly one month into a boycott of the Measures of Academic Progress exam -- initiated unilaterally by teachers at the Garfield HS -- Seattle Superintendent José Banda has dropped the hammer and ordered the school's principal, assistant principals, and other non-instructional staff to administer the test to students. The Seattle Times reports that the decree has come after Banda and teachers could only reach "agreement to disagree." Garfield history teacher, Jesse Hagopian, went so far to call Banda's attempts to establish a task force a "'callous disregard for the will of the educational community.'" Adding to the district's PR nightmare, many school parents have sided with teachers, choosing to have their children opt out of taking the exam. Only 25% of Garfield's ninth graders reported to take the MAP reading test after Banda's call-to-action.

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