School Tool: Symphonical Takes Post-It Note Discussions Digital

Free! SYMPHONICAL helps you get 'er done with digital post-it note templates that help you organize, brainstorm, and analyze tasks, ideas, and discussions. The pre-made templates make it clear that Symphonical is targeting the business-minded but there are plenty of applications for the classroom and beyond. Planning a new unit with the teaching team? Try out the handy SWOT analysis template. Dare to let students create their own learning path? Create a fluid weekly lesson plan and make students collaborators. Better yet, give their parents read-only privileges! There's even a blank canvas that allows you to build templates for any rubri... uh row/column format that you can conceive. The icing on the cake however is the seamless integration with Google Hangouts-- every great collaboration should be full of smiling (or smirking) faces.

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