NYC Schools Gap App Challenge Update--and Webinar

Have you started brainstorming yet for the NYC Schools Gap App Challenge? (We've got some the juicy details here.) Submissions may not be due until April 10, but that's no excuse for you to procrastinate as if it's your first semester in college. 

On Feb. 5 at 4PM ET, Innovate NYC Schools (iNYCS) executive director Steven Hodas and the fellas from Clever (an iNYC partner) will host an interactive webinar to go over all the challenge details, answer your technical questions, and go over some best practices on integrating with school data. (And look, Clever's already got a data sandbox to help you get started!

Full disclosure: EdSurge is now officially a "partner" of the iNYCS program.  That means we'll bring you as much info as we can about the program, boiling it down to what you need to know. 

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