Data Viz Gurus Boil Down 'Education at a Glance' Report from OECD

INFOGRAPHICALLY SPEAKING: More than spiffy graphics and simple pictographs, this interactive data visualization titled 'Economic Returns on Education' takes a number-crunching bite out of the O.E.C.D.'s 568-page "Education at a Glance" report to communicate how successfully countries around the world are investing in education.

That success, of course, is measured in cold hard cash, and in nearly every country the financial benefits of undergraduate and graduate degrees (lumped together here as "tertiary education") outweigh those of a high school diploma ("upper secondary education").

The sloping lines and simple colors are a bit vexing at first glance, but this piece from Fast Company Co.Exist does a pretty good job of explaining the important parts. There's also a not-so-prominent 'About' button in the top right hand corner that breaks down everything in great detail.

Sadly, the cool factor behind the data viz -- watching the data transform between countries -- takes a hit when toggling for gender. For most countries (including the U.S.), women feel a lesser impact from public investment in their education and take in a lower gross income.

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