A 'Magical' Trick for Multiplying, Japanese Style

THIS AIN'T YOUR FATHER'S MATH: Here's a bit of low-tech edtech that might just relieve some of the anxiety around multiplying double and triple digit numbers. The Magical Maths blog reports that the process of drawing lines and counting dots mimics "how Japanese pupils learn to multiply in lessons." 

We watched this example of how to multiply two digit numbers, and have been batting 1.000 on every combination. It's hard to say how well the trick holds up to your standard "multiply and carry" method, but for those my-way-or-the-highway classrooms, hopefully this proves there's more than one way to skin a chick.. eh, carry a ten. Be sure to bookmark the Magical Maths site which is filled with games, lesson plans, jokes, tips, tricks, and practical advice on math and math instruction.

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