One Laptop Per Child Makes Soft Appearance at CES 2013

HOLY SMOKES: Dan Lyons isn't too impressed with the One Laptop Per Child's latest efforts to bring $100 computers to the 3rd world masses. In fact, it's safe to assume he isn't enamored by any of the XO series laptops unveiled prior to the XO-4 "convertible laptop" making rounds at CES. As a "Give One, Get One" participant with the original $200 XO-1, Lyons has ample room to complain. After gifting the XO-1 to a girl in the local neighborhood, he chastises the "incredibly ugly and unreliable machines" for providing the "moment when [her] childhood ended." OLPC organizer Nicholas Negroponte--who also encounters Lyons' wrath--takes time for a thoughtful rebuttal in the comments section, but one Zimbabwean reader steals the show with a classic signoff: "Typed on an $89 Android Tab."

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