Magic Authoring Algorithm to Challenge Textbook Publishers

ALGORITHMIC ATTRIBUTION: How does one man publish over 800,000 dictionaries, business and technical reports, and other works of nonfiction in less than a decade? Press enter and enjoy his cup of coffee, that's how. Perhaps we're being short on technical details, but this authoring algorithm developed by Philip Parker, Professor of Marketing at INSEAD, mimics the writing process of an expert author. Simply grab relevant content from a database, select a template, and uh.. yea, press enter. The algorithm is even smart enough to detect and avoid plagiarism. At a cost of ~$0.50 per book, we'd love to see a write-off with McGraw-Hill, Pearson, and Parker's computing system for the most engaging Algebra textbook. Find more details and get lost in the future on SingularityHub.

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