Internet Trends in a Flash

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Internet Trends in a Flash

Dec 12, 2012

EVERYTHING ABOUT THE INTERNET IN LESS THAN 30 SECONDS: Okay, dear EdSurgents. Here's a zippy summary of the annual Internet outlook by analyst-turned-VC extraordinare, Mary Meeker, now with Kleiner Perkins. She gives you 88 slides; we'll give you eight highlights:

  • IPads leave all other i-ish devices in the dust. But Androids outnumber iPhones by 6 to 1 (slide 10);
  • More than twice as many American kids (48%) want an iPad for the holidays over a Nintendo Wii (slide 13);
  • People are making twice as much money selling apps for mobile devices than they are selling mobile ads (slide 17);
  • Shipments of tablets and smartphones outpaced PC shipments in the fourth quarter of 2010 (slide 25);
  • The total number (or "installed base") of smart phones and tablets will exceed the number of existing PCs by the second quarter of 2013 (slide 26).
  • Meeker also points to groups such as CodeAcademy, Coursera and Khan as spurring people to "reimagine" education. (slide 50).
  • A new unit for us: "zettabytes," as in a trillion gigabytes, or as in "the amount of global digital information (including documents, pictures and tweets) shared in 2011 was 2 zettabytes." (slide 54)
  • "Asset light"--instead of lugging everything with you, most of what you need will be in the cloud. That's handy because the staggering student debt of $914 billion--which tops either credit card debt or auto debt-- will mean less time for acquiring the old-fashioned assets, anyway (slide 60 onward).

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