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Michael Horn: "There is Going to Be a Backlash Against Tablets"

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Michael Horn, co-founder and Executive Director of Education at the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation, has several predictions for 2014. And interestingly enough, he believes that many of those 2013 trends will continue onto the new year--with more scrutiny:

"[We started to see] a backlash develop in certain districts and areas against just deploying technology for technology's sake, without having thought about what problem a certain leader was trying to solve, or putting in place really sound processes to guard against abuses of technology. My sense is that we're going to see some continuation of that in 2014 as people become suspect of school leaders just deploying technology simply because you 'have to have technology'."

Interested in learning more, especially as it applies to tablets? Hear Michael Horn's take on edtech in 2014 below!

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