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Mapping the Edtech Market

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European explorers reveled in their versions of a mappa mundi, or map of the world. Such representations were worse navigation aids than Apple maps on a bad day--but marvelous pictorial representations of relationships and principles. When the NewSchools Venture Fund issued its first "edtech market map" last October, many found it a useful catalogue of companies, even if the industry was moving quickly. Today NewSchools updated its map. This version includes 50 additional companies, fresh information on products and deals, and some adjustments in the categorizations. You can see the map here.

Last year, the big, nagging question we at EdSurge asked was: And just how will this market map stay fresh?

This time, we've got an answer: We're on it. EdSurge is committed to keeping this information up to date--and sharing it back with you. For starters: If your product should be included in this representation, please fill out this form here.

If you have additional thoughts or comments on the map, give us a shout. We'll keep you posted on updates.



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