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S'cool Tool: Inklewriter

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BETA The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure movement is coming back Beta-style with INKLEWRITER. The storytelling tool provides a straightforward interface to create multiple scenarios for any narrative. From the creator’s website: “With a few clicks and a bit of imagination, anyone can start to tell a branching story – and with a bit more thought, they can harness the power of conditional logic to make their stories more intricate and rewarding.” Inklewriter also seems like a great tool for teachers who want to created differentiated reading experiences. For example, instead of creating story branches for plot direction, teachers might create statements that gauge reading comprehension. They can then deliver the remaining parts of the text in smaller or larger chunks as students display understanding. The folks at inklewriter have done as much with their adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. And oh yea, inklewriter is free for teachers. You can have creations converted to Kindle format for ~$10.



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