Educator for Brightside Homeschool Initiative

Brightside - Palo Alto, California - Full time


Starting at $80,000 Annually

Job Description

Brightside is a unique educational initiative by a warm and creative family of six. We are seeking a dedicated educator to join our team and provide an inspiring educational experience for our four children (aged 9, 7, 5, and 2) and other homeschooled children. Our educational philosophy is deeply influenced by relational education, emphasizing lifelong learning, respect, excellence, and joy. As an educator, you will play a crucial role in guiding children's learning, supporting the homeschooling environment, leading our microschool, and participating in worldschooling adventures.


  • Embrace and implement the Charlotte Mason philosophy and pedagogy - which emphasizes the importance of living books, nature study, and hands-on learning. Her ideas are based on the belief that children are born persons with their own unique personalities, interests, and abilities.
  • Model habits of respect, excellence, and joy in all interactions.
  • Explore CM's original writings to enhance teaching methods.
  • Maintain classroom cleanliness and order.
  • Cultivate an environment of kindness and calm, focusing on aiding students in mastery.
  • Promote a discrimination-free learning environment.
  • Serve as a role model in speech, mannerism, discipline, dress, and performance.

Training & Meetings:

  • Participate in summer CORE training, an 8-week program with weekly assignments and discussions (schedule based on hire date).
  • Access resources from The Alveary, including tutorials and webinars.
  • Attend inservice days and training sessions as required.
  • Complete CPR and abuse training.
  • Engage in Parent Training events and regular tutor meetings.

Lesson Planning:

  • Collaborate on lesson planning, following the CM-inspired Alveary curriculum.
  • Plan lessons one week in advance and communicate adjustments promptly.
  • Implement the Method of a Lesson.


  • Collaborate with the Director or consultant to evaluate and enhance teaching methods.
  • Maintain an open-door policy for parents and Board members.


  • Coordinate substitutes when necessary.
  • Ensure substitutes have lesson plans and required materials.
  • Follow guidelines for substitute payments.


  • Maintain regular communication with parents through emails and parent conferences.
  • Respond promptly to parent/tutor/Director/board communication.

Administering Examinations:

  • Assist with evaluating Alveary exam questions, administering exams, and grading exams.
  • Utilize designated days for grading and communication.


  • Foster an atmosphere of respect, excellence, and joy.
  • Align with Brightside’s Tutorial's values and guidelines.

CA: An At Will State

  • As an at will state, we operate on a trial basis for the first 30 days. If for some reason the relationship is not mutually beneficial, there is freedom for either party to end it.

Qualifications & Skills:

  • Bachelor's degree or higher from a respected college or university.
  • Demonstrated experience with and love for children.
  • Passion for lifelong learning.

Brightside Provides the Following:

  • A curriculum outline based upon CMI’s The Alveary, with adjustments as needed.
  • Advice on curriculum and scheduling.
  • All training and videos in the Alveary.
  • Tutor training and payment for any required training.
  • Excellent training and expectation-setting.
  • Regular feedback and support.
  • All necessary furniture and supplies for the classroom.
  • Consulting as needed.
  • An uplifting and encouraging community in love with Jesus and passionate about making a difference in the lives of our students, families, and one another!

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Experience Level

Mid Level


Brightside is an educational initiative, rooted in the Charlotte Mason philosophy, offering a unique homeschooling experience. It emphasizes relational learning, respect, and joy, in a community passionate about nurturing young minds.
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