EdSurge Independent

Student-run community, amplifying and empowering voices of higher education students.

There’s plenty of talk about what today’s college students want from their education. Too often, however, those doing the talking are professors or entrepreneurs, removed from the student experience. That’s why EdSurge started a community for students to share their views.

EdSurge Independent was created in 2016 to amplify student voice in discussions and decisions about the future of education. Cohort leaders guided their peers through a series of online sessions, written reflections and connections with leaders in the fields of education and technology. Now EdSurge Independent is matriculating to its next phase.

EdSurge Independent will continue to focus on connecting students who are passionate about the future of education. EdSurge will continue its mission to amplify the voices of those students. To reach more students and to raise that voice higher, we’ll be experimenting with how to better connect students with EdSurge Independent alumni and professionals in education, edtech and other fields.

Membership is now open to all interested students. All members will have opportunities to share their ideas about the future of learning through conversations, written articles and connections with other students and professionals in the field. Members will:

  • Join a community deeply passionate about the future of education
  • Meet education leaders, philanthropists and entrepreneurs
  • Share perspectives with the readers of EdSurge Independent

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