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The biggest opportunity for us to improve our society centers on giving everyone access to learning, especially low income and minority learners.

George Siemens

George Siemens

Exec Dir, LINK Research Lab

UT Arlington


Digital learning provides the chance to break free from semester and credit bound instruction and realize the promise of personalized, mastery learning.

MJ Bishop

MJ Bishop

Dir, Center for Academic Innovation

University System of Maryland


Digital learning engages, adapts, breaks barriers and can be fun! The ability to provide digital learning on mobile devices creates access.

Connie Johnson

Connie Johnson

Chief Academic Officer

Colorado Technical University


The digital transformation is the contribution our generation will make to the American tradition of “ever more learning for ever more people.

Matthew Rascoff

Matthew Rascoff

University of North Carolina

VP, Learning & Technology Innovation


Projects like Domain of One’s Own give students agency in digital spaces, which far exceeds what they can do in deterministic adaptive learning systems.

Amy Collier

Amy Collier

Assoc Provost for Digital Learning

Middlebury College


Digital learning provides access to all course materials on day one and enables faculty to personalize the learning experience (even with big classes!).

Shannon McCarty, PhD.

Shannon McCarty, PhD.

Dean of Instruction & Academic Affairs

Rio Salado College


Digital learning has potential to help students engage in meaningful conversation with peers, the field, scholars and the material they are studying.

Eddie Maloney

Eddie Maloney

Exec Dir, CNDLS

Georgetown University


Analyzing digital learning's underlying deep data opens up the potential to discover new insights that can significantly improve student success.

Shaila Ittycheria

Shaila Ittycheria

Dir, Strategic Innovation

EdPlus at Arizona State University


Digital learning empowers educators to support the cascading array of learning differences of college students.Teaching has never been this exciting!

Michelle Pacansky-Brock

Michelle Pacansky-Brock

Blended Teaching & Learning Innovation

CSU, Channel Islands


There is great potential to combine democratized content from world-class institutions with local partners who provide affordable hybrid learning.

Gordon Jones

Gordon Jones

Dean, College of Innovation & Design

Boise State University


In open digital learning students move from consuming expensive texts to creating free content for themselves and the next generation.

Robert Cummings

Robert Cummings

Chair of Writing & Rhetoric

University of Mississippi


The promise of digital learning is the ability to scale effective strategies to help those students who need it most.

Tom Cavanagh

Tom Cavanagh

Assoc VP, Distributed Learning

University of Central Florida


Digital learning is promising not because we’ll replace teachers w/robots but because we’ll become better guides and mentors for our students.

Michelle Weise

Michelle Weise

Southern New Hampshire University

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node-cursorRead insights from digital learning leaders.
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